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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Bit of Sunshine for Kim

This, my dear friend, truly for you.  A bit of sunshine to brighten your much as it possibly can considering the current events of your life.

I am sure each and every one of us are praying for you and John and the boys every day in hopes that you, our major inspiration, can one day wake up and breathe....breathe in the fresh air....breathe in the awesomeness of the surroundings of 'home' with everything that makes it home....studios, creativeness, John...healthy and happy, the boys to visit and laugh with....Ben so anxiously awaiting to go for a romp in the woods, through the fields of familiarity.

Your mantra....

"What good shall I do today?'

My goodness....the good that you do every day with the inspiration and friendliness and creativity that you share with us in each and every post, picture and lesson...and life story that you share with us.

I wish that I could share so well...if even a simple daily story of my life.

Some day, maybe....I'll learn from you that it is okay to open up...but for now...I'm okay with having just learned all the awesome creativeness that you have inspired me with to date.

That is what good you do each and every day with each and every post and lesson that you share with us!

I pray for you and for John's speedy and full recovery.

Have faith, Kim.
Have faith, my dear.

Thank you for the lovely textures.

(photo edited with a couple layers of Franklin and a final layer of frosted and then back to LR with reduction of clarity for the added softness.)

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