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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

....Be Six Again

It was a beautiful fall day on Sunday.  After a very very hectic and photography filled October, I had major need to catch up inside the house.  I hate it when I can't find anything and unfortunately have no one but myself to blame.  Run here.  Run there. Throw this here.  Don't put this where it belongs.  Do it later. Shove that in the drawer.  I'll remember where I put it...when I can't even remember what I had for breakfast that same day. (Sure Trisha...keep believing.)

So I woke early and started in the back family room...or should I say...throw all room.  Boxes of photos packed up after the craft show.  Lenses here.  Lenses there. paperwork piled on the table waiting to be tackled.  Dresser drawers filled with 'let's hide it here items'.   But I tackled it and made really good progress....until...

Lexi needed to go outside.  I grabbed a cup of my addiction and walked outside to let her relieve herself and throw her Kong for her for a bit....

and picked up some pears that are now saying they need to be picked and canned...

and couldn't find my way back inside.....

Oh, yeah, mom needed help taking her gazebo cover down and I knew she needed help raking leaves....

Off we go.  Temps in the 5os.  Sun shining.  Little to no wind.  Birds calling my name.

My mental prison bars went up and locked me out of the house......oh no.  (Smiling.  Smiling. Smiling.)

Thank you Dear Lord for a beautiful day and leaves that needed to be raked.

As I went to rake the last of them into the last of the pile...something hit me.

Oh in car.
Camera out of car.

It didn't even take much urging to get her to sit in the leaves...and not so much help to get her out either...

....and we were both Six again.  Throwing leaves in the air.  Taking in the fall fragrance.  Lexi got excited and started running circles.  Mom...laughing hard.  My heart...happy to see her laugh.

Where are the kids that should be enjoying these simple moments.

Inside...on a computer...texting their friends...

Thank you Dear Lord for giving me the memories of childhood.

Thank You.

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