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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gratitude - January 7, 2014

- My first thanks for today is once again, of course, to the Dear Lord for keeping myself and my family safe.
- I thank Him for the stand of grasses surrounded by snow by Planet Fitness that are very enhancing at dusk.  They intrigue me and I am sure I have to find a good time to capture a picture without a bunch of vehicles surrounding them.
- The sunrise.  I wish I could really enjoy them each and every day.  They have been softly spectacular lately with nice pastel colors softly whispering across the sky in the morning.
- I am thankful for windows that open on nights like tonight when my pellet stove freaks out and decides to fill the house with smoke. (silently growling)
- Thanks for old friends that still call or email to check in on me when the local weather makes national news lines.

Not the best picture. taken quickly while parked at a gas station a few days ago.  It was 'warm' that day.

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