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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Would you like you, if you met you?

I don’t do a whole lot with facebook.  I have it mainly to keep up with my children in Texas.  I also keep in touch with other relatives lives through it.  I do not condone having important events announced first that way…such as engagements, weddings but, I get over it.  I use it to promote my photography but not half as much as I shouId.  One of those goals for this year. I do browse through it quickly sometimes just to see some of the funny cartoons and inspirational messages that might pop up now and then.  So I saw this one and thought it was an interesting rather deep thought.

First, my daily mantra to keep things going….

I am a writer and a photographer.

My answer to that ponderous question definitely would change on a daily, or maybe just weekly basis.  Sometimes daily.  Some weeks I love myself extremely.  I believe most people like me when they meet me.  They don’t see the inside very much unless they are around me for awhile as I tend to keep things cooped up inside, letting them out on weekends when I sit at home, crying in front of some silly movie on the television.

I tend to let myself get lost in what everyone else wants me to be when it comes to having some relationship thing going on.  New years start and I try to gather my strength again to make ‘me’ better.  To find ‘me’ again.  Then that desire for Prince Charming starts again.  I do need to realize…that my Prince Charming looks over me every day and I need to love myself deeply, every day.

Yes….me…I love me when I meet me.  It’s that me that some others want me to be that I don’t like… isn’t me.  That person…is …boring and stressed..and lost.

Me…I…am a simplistic, nature loving, giving person.  Yes, sometimes too giving but isn’t that the nature of being a woman, a mother?  I have been called a very patient person many times in my life.  I do find that I am losing that a bit .  Yet, when I think about it, it’s more so when I’m lost.  I get frustrated with everything.  I’m not happy.

I’ve often been told that I have a very soothing personality that balances everyone out. Calming. (pretty sure they haven’t seen me blow up. But then most people don’t.  I hold it in.  Way too long and then one day, I break down. I give up.  I make up my mind that things will change for me (maybe not a good change for the other person involved) but for me and there is no reasoning.  Do I regret those decsions? Sometime down the road maybe but I can only think of one of those decisions that I’ve made that I still have regrets for today and that was to move too far away from my children.

I love life.  Nature. Sunsets. The beauty of everything around that we have been blessed with.  I love to laugh and love to make other people laugh. I love to garden.  I love to help other people. I am a customer service rep (my secondary job – smiling) and I love dealing with the people to insure their ordering needs are met.  I love beng a person people can go to for things. I love doing little surprising things for people. Personal things that touch their heart and soul.  I guess..that is what I also expect from them in return.

So…the answer today…the answer this week (since I’ve been really good with some of my new year goals and aspirations) is, yes…I’ve met me – ME – this week and I like me.

Hello, Me. It’s good to have you back in my life.  I hope you will stay for a while because you are one awesome inspiration!!!

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